Indie Comics

Joe VS Elan
Incredible autobio regarding a former student of the Elan program. CW for abuse, violence, & kidnapping.
Living With a Monster
What happened to the haunted vlogger who mysteriously disappeared... and how did the haunting begin? With a coven of middle schoolers, obviously.

(LWAM is the official backstory to the NVRLYALONE webseries, but can also be enjoyed as a standalone comic!)
Laika's Comet
Laika, a dog-girl mechanic, travels across a post-apocalyptic Furth to repair farming equipment and various green-powered tech for citizens who can't do so themselves.
Small-town hero by day, Laika and her adoptive father Yue seek to study the very thing that set Furth off kilter to begin with - a comet from deep space with mysterious powers.
A community of fuzzy animals discovers a human child in the woods -- and has no idea what it is! When the town klutz adopts her, everyone fears the worst: either the kid will end up dropped on her head, or the town's strange taboos will ostracize them both. As the whole town wrestles with the question of what it is, the true mystery remains: where did it come from? And why is it here?
Cat Girl
An epidemic of loneliness, shut-ins and social isolation has swept the entire world but affecting primarily young men ages 18-30. With internet addiction, social rejection, romantic rejection and other forms of social isolation self-imposed for other reasons, corporations eventually sought out a solution inspired by online forums of the afflicted. The genetically engineered super companions.
Hello From Halo Head
An exploration of the multitudes a person experiences as a response to trauma. Also cartoon animal adventures. it's a trauma comedy! a TRAUMEDY!!!!
MothorialMothorial is a webcomic about an adventurous fruit bat, wanting to venture out across Mothorial to make her mark in the world, and a nervous goose-pheasant, who became her caretaker and sheltered her ever since, on a quest to save their world from a being as old as reality itself, while discovering new friendships and the truth of their own mysterious pasts along the way.
Puddle Comic

Life vignettes and autobio strips from my diary- wait how did these get mixed in here??